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Just One Embrace

(The second book in the Tiburon series)
A novel by

Crag of Tiburon exiles himself on Earth, guilt-ridden after losing his life partner in a tragic accident. One night, he steps in to aid a distressed Ellie Granger.
     Daring to take a chance once in her life with a fascinating stranger, Ellie requests one night with Crag, resulting in an evening of incredible passion. They part reluctantly even as they both acknowledge the relationship can't be permanent. They keep their reason a secret from each other.
     However, fate delivers a surprise.
     Now, they must find a way to come together, either on Earth or Tiburon, even as treachery abounds and proof of a noble birth is required for their future.
     Will Crag give up his sworn duty as Tiburon's Commander for one puny earthling whom he loves more than life itself?
     Can Ellie relinquish a life she has fought for so valiantly to love her perfect soul mate?

Genre: Erotic Futuristic [contains graphic sexual content and adult language]
Length:  Novel (50,000 words)

5 Kisses: "Lara Santiago once again mixes two erotic essentials - a hot sexy man and the taste of chocolate. The depth of emotional pain individually experienced by both Crag and Ellie was tangible which only caused their union to be more beautiful and powerful in its ability to heal and give hope. Just One Embrace is an amazing love story coupled with action, adventure and a bit of intrigue. The love scenes epitomize the strong bond developed between these two incredible individuals and are hot enough keep you craving for more. It was also a lot of fun following the story of Gabrielle and Keller from Just a Kiss - both of the stories in this series are exceptional and I highly recommend reading." - Kerin, Two Lips Reviews

5 Cups: "Ms. Lara Santiago has written a sexually charged story of inter-species attraction. Ellie demonstrates all of the qualities of an independent woman faced with unbelievable obstacles, while Crag displays all of the signs of a man in touch with his feelings. I enjoyed their wordplay, and their sexual encounters were out of this world. I found myself cheering for Ellie and felt all of the suspense and drama of the events that befell her in her quest for the man with the chocolate kisses." - Kathy, Coffee Time Romance

5 Angels: "Brace yourself, Ms. Santiago has written another wonderful story that's not to be missed. Just One Embrace has steamy erotic scenes and a touch of Sci-fi elements that keep you addicted until the very end. Crag and Ellie spend one passionate night together and now she must decide if she can handle life on Tiburon, or if she wants to be alone on Earth. A manipulative woman wants what Ellie has and would do anything to keep Ellie away from Crag. I enjoyed watching Crag and Ellie fall in love and work their lives out. Thank you, Ms. Santiago, for another super story; I can't wait to see more." - Becky, Fallen Angel Reviews