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The Executive's Wife

(The second book in the Wives Tales series)
A novel by

In the year 2076, the Tiberius Group invades all aspects of society, taking over and implementing a new plan for the good of all U.S. citizens, especially the females.
     Sophie Brent loses her job at Westland Industries and is put up for auction in a corporate venue of former peers. She's the record high bid and soon-to-be-bride of the worst lecher in the company, until her boss outbids all and saves her. 
     Matt Westland spends a fortune to marry his former employee, Sophie. He has wanted her since a delicious incident under the mistletoe at Christmas. Secretly in love with him, Sophie is an all-too-willing partner in Matt's passionate seduction, and the two fall madly in love.
     Unfortunately, Matt's power-hungry father will stop at nothing to get rid of Sophie and find a more politically connected wife to ensure that his son becomes the next president of the United States.

Genre: Erotic Futuristic [contains graphic sexual content and adult language]
Length:  Full Novel (55,000 words)

5 Stars, 2006 Reviewers' Choice Award Nominee: "Once again Lara Santiago has written an intriguing and engaging story in The Executive's Wife. Having waited ever so patiently for this follow up to The Miner's Wife, I can honestly say it was worth it. Sophie and Matt have an explosive chemistry which is immediately apparent. The premise of this story follows the previous in that Matt is bio-genetically engineered but there are subtle differences. The adversity that they immediately face in their marriage adds an intensity and urgency to their relationship which is revealed in their frequent lovemaking. In addition to all of that, this well paced story also has a lot of suspense and even a few surprising twists in the plot. The Executive's Wife is a must read for fans of Ms. Santiago as well as the Wives Tales." - Trang, Ecataromance  4.5 Stars/Hot: "The Wives Tales 2: The Executive's Wife was refreshing and scary at the same time. I'm sure someone in the world would love nothing more than to see women's rights taken away and Lara Santiago presented what would happen in detail. Sophie and Matt were dynamic characters that kept me turning the pages. I wanted to see more of them and the love they shared. Their sex life was stimulating and well earned. After reading The Executive's Wife, I am greedy for more." - Suni Farrar, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4.5 Kisses: "Lara Santiago is a very talented author and the men in her books are absolutely to die for. Matt is honest, straightforward, sexy, protective and a loving alpha male that no woman could resist (or would want to). Sophie is funny, kind, and a wonderful mate for Matthew. The heady combination of these two characters makes the intensely erotic love scenes even hotter. I recommend reading The Executive's Wife and look forward reading more pieces written by Lara Santiago!"  - Kerin, Two Lips Reviews