book cover of Forsaken


(The first book in the Talent Trilogy series)
A novel by

The author of The Masseuse series returns with a new erotic story of forbidden love between a woman on the run, and the man hunting her.

Marsella Talent has rules for survival: don’t make friends, don’t stop moving, and above all else, don’t tell anyone who you are. She has her father to thank for that. Two years ago, he gave her a journal—one she didn’t realize was full of illegal information about his crimes—and told her to run. Now, both the cops and dangerous men who worked for him are after her, and looking back may cost her everything.

Jake has rules, too. Find Marsella. Get the journal. And don’t, under
any circumstances, let the beautiful woman who cost him his place in the Talent syndicate get under his skin. His life has been hell since the sting targeting her dad, but if Jake can retrieve that journal, he can earn his place back in the operation.

But instead of finding Marsella, Jake finds Cassie, a woman who looks just like her. Carefully, he pushes through her secrets, earning her trust bit by bit. But the closer they get, the more the passion between them intensifies, and he knows he can’t walk away.

She might have the journal, but he has her heart.

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