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(The first book in the Three Blades series)
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We were all saved, freed, or just gathered as children when our families chose to leave us or hurt us, or when they simply didn't want to nurture us anymore. Or they all died.
We are no longer children.
We are Three Blades' Assassins.


Trained by the best, to be the best.
I am known for being cold, ruthless, and merciless. No empathy runs in my blood, no love or compassion. All that flows through my veins now is the icy chill of carnage and hate. I relish in bloodshed and pain. Violence and slaughter arouse me. Assassination is as erotic as it comes.
Yet, I am loyal and fiercely protective of my Sisters. I live by the truth, as brutal as it sometimes is, and I fight for every breath that still fills my lungs. If you hurt me or mine, then I will take the pain that has lived in me since I was born, and I will make every single drop of it belong to you.

I am Elsie Grey.
And I am the ultimate Weapon this world has ever seen.

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August 2017 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Weapon (Three Blades Book 1)
Author(s): D H Sidebottom
Publisher: D H Sidebottom
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