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All royalties from this Changelings anthology will be doanted to Worldwide Disaster Relief efforts.

Enter The Layer by Carlanime Bligh
-- Nisha is gifted with special powers of love and intimacy, and decides it's time to take her new powers for a test drive.

Catching Adan by Michelle Hasker
-- Rayna wants more from Adan than their current friends-with-benefits relationship. But Adan's got a secret - - he's a werewolf. Is it worth risking what they've got for a chance at so much more?

Special Training by Selena Illyria
-- Some spanking and a bit of sex is what Michelle needs to get her magikal focus back, and off of her sexy vampire mentor.

Flying Into Paradise by Cynthia Sax
-- A blue-eyed captain brings an island myth to life.

Sweet Haunting by B.J. McCall
-- While waiting for the next aftershock from a recent earthquake, Bayley's prayers are answered in a most unexpected way.

Deep Feelings by Kira Stone
-- A shipwrecked vampire and a Caribbean water god -- Is this a match made in Heaven or will each swim with the fishes alone?

All royalties from this Changeling anthology are doanted to Worldwide Disaster Relief efforts.