book cover of Warden


(The first book in the Ravaged series)
A novel by

I never thought I had any weird or amazing destiny.

Until the night I'm scooped up by a clawed and fanged alien called a mauleon.

I'm a grocery store assistant and my name is Isolde.

I should be curled up in a ball sobbing, but that's not me.
I will escape, but I'm trapped on this huge, fossilized starship. My only companion is a snarky, talking sword.

To my shame, something is forcing my body to change and I'm craving the alien's touch.

We are both mutating. His muscles bulge with new growth. Silver streaks mar his skin.

He was supposed to sell me, but I can't stop myself from crawling to him, begging, and whimpering for more.

Why is love always so complicated? And what is this heat...

I'm pinned to the wall by his claws and the world dissolves into a steamy, swaying fog. The panting, gasping, and probing of places seem endless, as do my tormented cries.

★ ★ ★ ★

This book contains unrestrained compulsions, lionlike aliens, orcs, and adventures that go where no grocery store assistant has gone before.
Also #OrcsOnABus. A yellow bus with
HAZARD written on the side, to be exact.

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