book cover of ISAK & Red

ISAK & Red

(The second book in the Possession of Red series)
A novel by

Red fell into my hands and I kept her. Full stop. Done deal.

I've been wading in a sea of crime, abduction, and depravity for so long that it's nothing to me.

Until the day some men discover I can make most women do anything for me. These jerks want to use me to make them millions? They think they're powerful?

If they persist, I will destroy them.

But the way they hurt Red... it makes me look at myself.

"I need you to help me become human again," I tell her. "Do it and I will release you."

Is this love? I can see her wondering, but I'm messed up. I’m dead inside. I'm stone.

Love is impossible, and I will never release her.

Guaranteed to contain dark themes, a HEA (happily ever after), and triggers.

This is the conclusion of the story of Isak and Red.
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