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A Novella by

When sleep paralysis claims you, what's a person to do?  When your fantasy lover claims you, what's a person to do?  Obviously lay back and enjoy the ride!  This steamy erotica titillates the mind into wanton passion.  When your body abandons you to fend for yourself, feel free to embrace yourself in abandoned wonder! Tess thinks she is losing her a fantasy lover. Her dreams fill with a man she is positive her mind had fabricated while in a coma. She aches to see his face, but is only given brief seductive shadows, sultry silhouettes. She could pull her hair out with the frustration it is causing. She is unable to concentrate on anything but this mystery man when he invades her thoughts with steamy passion. Was she going insane? Suddenly her erotic lover vanishes. Tess is left bewildered. Perhaps she had just conjured him into her desperate and frightened mind and now no longer needed him. It was for the best he was gone...then why did she miss his silken touch, his heated fiery kisses? Because Tess has fallen in love with her phantom lover!