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Banacor: In The Beginning

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Who needs mystical magic more than a critically ill fifteen-year-old girl and her aggrieved fourteen-year-old sister? Willow lays day after day bedridden while her sister, Alana, spins tale after tale of wondrous places. Unbeknownst to the inseparable pair, an angel sits listening. Ninian watches over Alana, her charge, while the powerful archangel, Raphael, hovers over Willow. To her horror, Ninian is privy to frightening information. Willow denounces God, life everlasting. She is suspicious, bitter and hurting. Who can blame her while she gasps for every painful breath of air, when her life has been filled with heartache? A very new and young angel, Ninian, is fearful that when Willow dies she will be forced to have her soul wander in emptiness if she refuses to call out for help, a thought that also terrifies Alana. Ninian decides a course of action is called for. She spirits both girls away to a new plain of existence. She creates Banacor in her own personal realm, a place granted to angels where even the Higher does not venture, guarding them from a near frantic Raphael. Ninian determines to change Willow's mind for not only her sake, but also Alana's. She gifts them with new identities, Salix and Ailanthus, and uses Alana's stories to create the perfect hiding place. She introduces them to Petrock, the boy-dog, Micah, the giant frog, huge Nephilim and other intriguing, lively characters. But another has followed - a suspicious evil has secretly attached itself to Willow. Ninian is unprepared and too inexperienced for deception, cruelty that wants its own chance at life. An evil web of disaster awaits when the Under realizes what Willow has been chosen for. He sends his demon creatures, the Watchers and Chimera to do battle with the girls and five archangels. Good and evil must battle as they have never battled before, in this thrilling Young Adult Fantasy from author C. L. Scholey!

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