book cover of Bounty Hunter 2125

Bounty Hunter 2125

(The fifth book in the Riley's Time Travel Adventures series)
A novel by

On the lawless planet Zemius, there’s a black market for everything…

When Riley’s time machine transports her one hundred years into the future, she finds herself a bounty hunter on the mutinous planet Zemius. Her commission is to track down and bring to justice the notorious warlord Theta.

Surrounded by a band of bloodthirsty thugs, her job isn’t made any easier by the corrupt group of police officers on the warlord’s payroll. But Riley has a secret advantage – her hot body and beauty soon breaks down the band’s defenses and makes it easy for her to gain entrance to their inner sanctum.

When she finally comes face to face with Theta, she’s disarmed by his good looks and charm. Starting a torrid affair with the gang leader, Riley begins to second-guess her mission to bring him in. But when she uncovers evidence of his role in an alien sex trafficking ring, she must use all of her wits escaping the closing dragnet and catch the leader when he’s least expecting it…

Riley’s Time Travel Adventures is a continuing series of erotic short stories where young college student Riley uses her newfound time machine to transport from one historical time and place to another.

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