book cover of Lesson One: Submission Training

Lesson One: Submission Training

(The first book in the Professor's Pet series)
A Novella by

“If you wish to become my submissive, you’ll learn to say please and thank you at every opportunity you get.”

I licked my lips. Heat stirred in the depths of my groin. “Thank you, Sir.”

I’ve longed for my hot, mysterious professor since the start of the new semester. He had always been a far-fetched fantasy, something that I could never hope to attain.

Until an unforeseen opportunity presented itself. Something both terrifying and exciting all at once. He caught me messing up, big time.

The next thing I knew, there was an offer on the table: Train to become his submissive, and I could be with him as much as I’d like.

I never delved into the world of fetishes and kinks. But then again, how could I ever refuse an opportunity to become his? It’s all I ever wanted, after all.

This 12k short story contains lots of steamy edging, bondage, submission, and domination elements. All characters are consenting. For mature audiences only.

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