book cover of Caging the Team Captain

Caging the Team Captain

(A book in the Restrained and Contained series)
A Novella by

My cage is so tight that it hurts. And yet, I crave him. Need him. Even as he teases and denies me. My body longs for the one thing he won’t give me.


All the guys on the soccer team think I’m the alpha male type because I’m the biggest, strongest, and most muscular guy on the team. Only Cedric knows the truth - that I love nothing more than submitting to other men.

I’ll do anything for him - including putting myself through a weekend of chastity training. I know how much he loves to tease and deny me - push me so far that I’m left a breathless, shaking mess. I know he’s going to use me. Push me past my limits.

Just because he loves watching me squirm. Just because it gets him so hot and bothered.

And I love it. It’s everything I could ask for and more. I’ll do anything to please him, even denying my body its own pleasure until the very end.

This 10k short contains lots of steamy chastity, domination, submission, and exhibitionism as Jordan submits to his Dom by placing himself through a chastity training weekend with the promise of a reward if he can last then entire time.

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