book cover of Royal Aliens : Books 1-8

Royal Aliens : Books 1-8

(A book in the Royal Aliens series)
An omnibus of novels by

Read eight sizzling royal alien romances where alien kings claim their fated human mates!
Over 1300 pages of dark, demanding sci fi romance.

In this collection:

The Alien King's Prey

Submit, or be hunted.

King Archon is a dominant, ruthless hunter interested only in war and conquest - much to the sorrow of his advisors who insist he should select a mate and produce an heir.

To escape the expectations of court, Archon travels to break a human rebellion. When one of the human females defies him and escapes his wrath, she marks herself as his prey. He vows to hunt her to the very end of her world and exact punishing justice on her tender flesh.

A young human woman has almost no chance against an all powerful alien king, but Iris is not as weak as she seems. This will be Archon's most dangerous hunt yet.

This enemies-to-lovers alien romance features dark themes and wicked acts. Reader discretion is advised.

The Alien King's Pet

She's a fast food worker from New York.
He's an alien king looking for a new pet.

It's a match made in... oh no.

At first, being abducted on her way to work seems like a lucky break to Katie.
Swept off her feet, and then off the planet by a muscular winged king who wants to pamper, protect, and procreate with her, she's the luckiest girl in the universe.
But the king's love comes with, well, not strings. More like chains. And collars. And leashes.
And expectations of obedience, and submission.
Beats working for tips, right?

The Beast King

He's a beast of a king.
She's a shy wallflower.
When Elizabeth is caught sneaking around his royal vessel, King Konan decides she is a spy, and must be broken.
His conquest will be carnal, and absolutely complete.

The Alien Warrior King's Accountant

He’s brutal.
He’s dangerous.
He’s seven years behind on his taxes.

Enter me. Tania McMillan. Tax accountant.
If I can get Tyrant (yes, that’s actually his name) to stop laying waste to his enemies for a moment, I might be able to decide if boiling hot space oil is a combat deductible, or an entertainment expense.

I’m on contract to him until we can sort his Galactic tax debt.
He seems to think he owns me.

Bad Alien Boss

You think your boss is bad?
My new boss is Terrible.
He hates humans.
But he abducted me against my will anyway, because his king insisted.
So here we are.
A grumpy alien boss and his reluctant assistant.
I have to do what he says, or he punishes me.
And I never do what he says, so he punishes me a lot.
... I hope this doesn't awaken anything in me.

Monster King

He’s an alien monster king.
And he is in a very bad mood.

Raptor King

How's your day going?
My day started trying to get a bank loan, and ended up with me as the kinda sorta willing captive of an alien king.
We're the only two inhabitants of an ancient, primitive jungle.
I have no idea how I got here.
Neither does he - so he says.
What do I know for sure?
He's dominant. He's dirty.
He rides dinosaurs.
And me.

Wild King

My name’s Blaire Wilson. I was born in the saddle.
The old family ranch has fallen on hard times, but I’m not the kind of girl to sell up.
I came to Epona Prime where the best horses in the universe run free.
My goal: to catch a stallion, bring it home, and make a fortune from stud fees.
What I didn’t know before I got here is that all Epona Prime’s horses belong to King Equs, the stallion king.
He conquered his world on horseback - I'm next.