book cover of Predators


(The first book in the Vampire Kings series)
A novel by

Will has served three years of a life sentence for crimes he did commit.
According to society he deserves to never see the light of day again.
When a mysterious man named Maddox gives him an opportunity to be free, Will takes the deal.

Maddox has a special use for Will.
He needs someone he can bend until they break.
Someone he can make in his own image.

Maddox is not a man.
He is a vampire.
And Will is his next pet.

Will is about to learn he knows nothing about the world in which he lives — and nothing of his own true nature. Finally embraced for all he is, Will finds himself kneeling at the feet of the one he must call master, compelled to serve as a pet to the beast who stalks NYC.

But can Will truly be tamed?
And what happens when a monster falls in love?

Predators is a dark MM paranormal romance set in a contemporary urban fantasy world. Reader discretion is advised.

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