book cover of Maker


(The fourth book in the Vampire Kings series)
A novel by

The Daddy from Hell just woke up.
It’s time to meet Maddox’s maker.

An ancient evil has woken.
A beast with no concept of human morality, risen to destroy and devour until his evil appetites are sated.
He lays very particular claim to the one modern people call Maddox.
Maker. Lover. Owner. Guardian. Captor.
Gideon has been all of these things at one time or another.

After centuries of sleep he wakes to find his Maddox playing with humans.
It was a habit he used to tolerate, but now he discovers Maddox has taken a mate. A rough criminal with wolf blood. A murderous, rude, ephemeral creature barely deserving of the name beast, or boy, as Maddox calls him.
It is all completely unacceptable.
When Maddox refuses to discard his boy, he leaves Gideon with no choice.
To restore proper order and dignity to his bloodline, Gideon must do one thing:
Kill. Will.
(And anybody else who gets in the way.)

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