book cover of Harem


(A book in the Possessive Protective Sci-Fi Alien Romance series)
A novel by

“You are mine. Mine for as long as it amuses me to have you. Mine until your debt of shame is paid.”

Just a few more days and I will be out of the interstellar spy service, free to settle down and finally have a baby.
But I’ve made a powerful alien enemy.
And he hasn’t forgotten about me.

Sithren sees females of all species as possessions.
He keeps a harem the way others keep zoos.
Just when I least expect it, he captures me.
Revenge isn’t enough.
Sithren requires my complete humiliation.

I’ve faced monsters like him many times, but he’s not just brutal.
He is also the most intelligent creature I’ve ever known.
I have to escape before he breaks me down completely.
This is much more than a war of wills.
It’s a battle for my mind, my body - and maybe my baby.

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