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Finn the Devourer

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Finn the Devourer was published on Spanking Romance this year under three separate stories: Finn the Devourer, Finn the Devourer: Identity , and Finn the Devourer: Captive now published together in this fully-completed novel! Pale as the moon and a pretty dark imp, Finn is a subpar, mischievous, vampire. Left as a foundling outside the House of Lidran, she is tolerated by the long-suffering elders who regard her as something of an oddity. After all, what kind of vampire has violet eyes, prefers hamburgers to human blood, needs to sleep at least eight hours a day and doesn't remember how she came to be a vampire at all? But Finn isn't just an oddity, Finn is a vampire with a destiny, a destiny which is unexpectedly unleashed when Monsieur Leonard Chevalier, the devilishly handsome Deux Demain of the oldest and most powerful coven in Europe, pays a visit to his colonial cousins... Monsieur Leonard Chevalier knows who she is, knows WHAT she is--not a vampire--but a devourer, an eater and lord of vampires... More importantly, Leonard Chevalier knows how to curb her misbehavior--with a firm hand. But will that be enough to protect her from herself, and her re-found enemies?

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