book cover of Bucked by the Alien

Bucked by the Alien

(A book in the Possessive Protective Sci-Fi Alien Romance series)
A novel by

Alone on a wild alien planet in mating season…

I was assigned a mandatory emotional support animal when I volunteered for a five year solo mission to a remote alien planet.
I got a goat called Strumpet. (Probably should have questioned the name.)
She’s sweet until she comes in season, and then there is no stopping her.
No tie, no fence, no barrier will stop her from seeking a mate.

When Strumpet escapes into the wild, I go looking for her.
When I find her, she’s in trouble. (What else is new.)
She’s found a local mate.
That male belongs to a big, bad alien barbarian with big, hard… horns.
As soon as Gruff sees me, he forgets all about my goat.
It’s mating season, and I’m going to get bucked.

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