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Broken by Him

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Grabbed off the street, locked in a cell, and falsely accused of a terrible crime, Tara thought they had taken everything they could from her. But she was wrong. Terribly wrong.

They plan to take her modesty, her dignity, and her free will itself. They intend to break her.

Breaking women is Doctor Mark Kilroy's job and he does it well. Tara will be stripped bare, thoroughly humiliated, and punished harshly for the slightest hint of disobedience. Her body will be pushed to its limits with pleasure so shameful and intense it will shatter her ability to resist his demands. When Mark is finished, he will not need to force himself on her. She will beg for it.

But Tara is not like any other woman Mark has broken. Even as her body surrenders to his mastery, her mind refuses to yield. Worse still, he finds himself yearning to cast aside protocol, abandon his duty, and claim her for himself. When the time comes for him to complete his task and put Tara's conditioning to the test, will her defiance end in catastrophe for them both?

Publisher's Note:Broken by Him includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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