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Golden Binds

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Her curiosity was going to land her in a world of trouble…
Gigi Reynolds has a poor attitude, a bad mouth, and a slightly skewed idea of right and wrong. It’s not her fault. Her brother is the biggest, baddest criminal in the city, her best friend is a rat named Roger, and she never gets to do anything for herself. Could you really blame her for just wanting a little glimpse inside the mysterious castle in the forest?
Three brothers with a secret to keep…
They kept to themselves. They had warning signs and traps posted all over the forest that surrounded their home. So how did one tiny female get past all their safeguards? And now that they’d captured her what the hell were they going to do with her? And why were the three of them so attracted to a little human? Their mate would be like them, a bear shifter.
Or so they thought…

*This is a reverse harem, single-title book with no cliff-hanger. It was previously published in the Captivated Anthology and has not been altered*

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