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Beyond Happily Ever After: Volume One

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Caution: these stories are not meant to stand alone. The Beyond Happily Ever After stories are vignettes and outtakes showing the O'Kanes in their daily lives, in between the adventures and often after their happy endings. These stories were written exclusively for readers and fans of the series, and will probably not make very much sense to anyone not familiar with the characters.This collection includes thirteen stories originally voted on by members of our Patreon. Each is only 1000-2500 words long and features a slice of life for characters in and around the Sectors. * Creative Incentives (Cruz, Ace & Rachel)* Cravings (Noelle & Jasper)* Dessert (Hawk & Jeni)* Ravished (Finn & Trix)* 6th Sense (Ashwin & Kora)* Efficient (Mia & Ford)* Memorial (Noah & Emma)* Fierce Protector (Hawk, Jeni & Finn)* A Little Bad (Tatiana & Zan)* Makhai (Samson)* Flash (Flash, Amira & Hana)* Diplomacy (Gideon & Six)* ZOMBIES!!! (Laurel & Zeke)

Paperback Editions

November 2018 : Paperback

Title: Beyond Happily Ever After: Volume One
Author(s): Kit Rocha
ISBN: 1-72662-631-8 / 978-1-72662-631-6
Publisher: Independently published
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