book cover of Sierra Seduction

Sierra Seduction

A Novella by

Successful financier and conqueror of mountains Valiant Epstein has returned to the majestic Sierra Nevada range. He has spent the past thirty-five years building his career and raising a family, but with a divorce behind him, his thoughts return to the enticing camp counselor who got away in his youthful rush toward his goals. Memories of her haunt the aspen and pine-covered slopes, leaving him fantasizing about what would have happened if he'd been her first lover instead of stupidly walking away.
Photographer of beautiful naked men, Michaela Vanz travels the high trails on a regular basis, but the mountains more and more remind her of the man to whom she's compared all others. Valiant's hard work building trails through the mountains also built muscle. Handsome, smart, funny and incredibly sexy... how could she ever forget him? She'd spent that summer hinting and finally begged him to make love to her but he'd rejected her and left her to make a life without him.
A lifetime later, when they meet again in the High Sierras, Val is more than ready to say yes, but will their passion last only one day and night or have they found true love in the second half of their lives?