book cover of Finally, My Love

Finally, My Love

A Novella by

Amelia Staker has waited for a year to meet her internet sweetheart, John Quincy. Now he has flown all the way across the country, just to spend two weeks together and they have every moment planned. Eat dinner, make love, sleep, have sex, breakfast, walk on the beach, back to bed. But a stuck elevator may put a crimp in their romantic plans, unless she and John can think of a way to make use of their time, while waiting for the repair crew to arrive.
A stuck elevator with no lights might be putting a stop to Amelia and John's first day together in real life. Internet lovers for a year, John has flown all the way across the country to spend two weeks lost in her arms. But John and Amelia will just have to find a way to make the best of a bad situation. The only real worry is whether Amelia will be able to say goodbye when vacation time is up.