book cover of Captive for Christmas

Captive for Christmas

A Novella by

All she wants for Christmas is a safe place to hide

Camilla's been on the run for a year, since her mother's death left her at the mercy of her stepfather who expects her to step into her mother's shoes... in all ways. And as a powerful man in their small town he's convinced everyone she's delusional. Even her own grandmother believes him. A travel plaza in the Mojave Desert has been her haven until, just before Christmas, it's not. He's found her. How much farther can she go with little money and a broken-down car? How about outer space? Impossible.

Arvan and Tris travel the galaxies in search of a special fuel that makes their technology possible - and the third member of their relationship. But the Universe is a big place and the odds of finding either slim. Especially in the back of beyond, where they are not allowed contact with the locals. Terra may offer what they seek, fuel wise, but as they close in on the location from above, they spot a female racing across the desert landscape, a male with a weapon in hot pursuit. Breaking all their rules, they transport her to the ship to save her life. But now what to do? They can't send her back with knowledge of "aliens" near Terra. And there's a bigger complication. She may be their third.