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Bound By Her Captain

A Novella by

Captain Mark King, USCG, possessor of a PhD in marine biology, has just taken on his first command, the polar ice breaker, Northern Lights. Haunted by dreams of a beautiful Russian woman, he doesn't know when he sets out that he and his hand-selected crew are part of a special team whose mission is so secret, they will not receive the details until far from shore. Perhaps the Pentagon thinks they'll abandon ship when they learn about their quarry. After all, some things cross the line between science and fiction. And who ever heard of a woman on board a Coast Guard ship? She's sure to cause conflict and chaos, and probably bad luck.

Doctor Anya Vanikova's Soviet superiors have sent her on yet another wild goose chase. Since turning down the marriage proposal of her Dom, a prominent man in her department, her assignments have become more and more outlandish. With an empty place in her heart and no career satisfaction, she has taken to sleeping away the hours when she's not working. A joint cruise to the Arctic with a capitalist ship may be the final straw. Especially with the captain's attitude. At least back home they treat men and women scientists the same... well, those who haven't crossed someone powerful.

The heat between a US Coast Guard Captain and a beautiful, brilliant Soviet scientist might do a better job of melting the polar ice than the ship when they combine forces to hunt down a possible sea monster in Cold War Era Alaska.

Publisher's Note: This is a newly edited, expanded and revised version of a story previously released in the USA Today bestselling Hero To Obey box set, which is now no longer available.