book cover of All\'s Fair

All's Fair

A Novella by

She's swept off her feet...

Or kept from falling on her behind in the lobby of the Los Angeles Superior Court Building by the first man to catch her eye since opening her own business. Evie Thomas can't spare time from running her brand new flower shop to serve on a jury. Particularly a celebrity trial. Can't these soap opera stars settle their problems without involving those trying to earn an honest living? Still, if she must do her civic duty, it doesn't hurt to have the diversion of a smart, sexy soldier just back from the Middle East. It's not as if she's falling in love.

He catches her...

But he might as well just throw her back. Jury duty threatens to keep Mark Vasquez from his well-earned vacation in the South Seas. Isn't it enough that he serves his country in a capacity so secret, even the CIA and FBI don't know for sure what his branch of the service does? Must he sit through the latest Los Angeles dog-and-pony trial? And his past experience with women hasn't exactly led him to trust them. But he can't stop watching Evie, listening to her every word, kissing her every time they are alone. At court...or in their hotel, where the judge has placed the jurors to keep them from the paparazzi.

A sequestered affair...

Just for the duration of the trial. Then they will go their separate ways. Never think of one another again. It's not like they're falling in love.