book cover of His Obsession: Books 1-5

His Obsession: Books 1-5

(A book in the His Obsession series)
An omnibus of novels by

This box set contains five hot books with delicious, alpha males who know what they want and will let nothing get in their way. Hot, page-turning chemistry that you won't be able to put down!


Barbara Whitesell is one of the most powerful agents in show business. She worked hard to get to where she is now, but she's about to break the most cardinal rule of being an agent: don't fall for your client, especially when that client is a mega hunk who's about to be the biggest movie star on the planet.

Chris knows falling for Barbara is a big no-no, but she's gorgeous, perfect, confident and he can't take his eyes off her. Love and romance comes when you least expect it. Would you really be able to turn your back on The One?


Autumn is Jim's greatest weakness. You might fantasize about your best friend's daughter, but you never act on it. But after spending three years working overseas, Jim comes home to find Autumn has blossomed from the shy, awkward teenager he once knew, into a full blown woman with spicy curves that have him hungry for a lot more than Turkey.

Maybe some stuffing?

But Autumn is off-limits. That's the one line Jim just can't cross. He's twice her age and she shouldn't want him, but she does, and she's making it very hard to resist.


Kylie's business is under attack. A bitter ex-employee is set on destroying the massage studio she built from the ground up, so when Trent Baron, MVP quarterback for the New England Patriots, offers to hire her as his own personal, full time masseuse, it's a hard offer to refuse.

But when she sees the look in his eyes, Kylie knows that Trent wants a whole lot more than a professional relationship with her, and Trent isn't the kind of guy who gives up on what he wants. Part of Kylie wants to say no and turn down the job.

She swore an oath to always keep things professional, and when she sees the way Trent looks at her, she's not sure if she can...


Too scared to cam? To shy for video? Get paid to be a doll! Click here to get cast!

That's what the ad said, and seeing how pathetic her bank account looked, Gwen decided why not have her body molded into one of those life-sized toys men like to buy? It's not like she actually had to do anything with them.

Simple, right? But not when the dreamy, far-too-young and handsome CEO of the company sees her and decides he wants her all to himself.


Cady's life is stable. She's working her way through college as a tennis trainer, but her whole life changes when her new client turns out to be Chase Benton, billionaire CEO and New York City's most eligible bachelor. Chase has no shortage of women lining up to be the future Mrs. Benton, but he's learned to keep his heart shielded to those who are only after him for money or fame.

He's not looking for Mrs. Right Now, he's looking for Mrs. Right, and when he sets eyes on Cady, he realizes he's found the one girl he'd let into his world and into his heart. But Cady's scared. She's shielded her heart too, and a man like Chase couldn't possibly be interested in her... right?

But what Cady doesn't know, is that Chase got to where he is today by listening to his heart, and what his heart is telling her now, is that she's the one for him.

These stories are thematically linked, so there's no particular reading order. Just pick one and enjoy!

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