book cover of Witch-Star Milk Farm

Witch-Star Milk Farm

(A book in the Blackwood Milk Farm series)
A Novella by

Deep within the snowcapped mountains, a farm resides, where the mystical and the extraordinary intertwine. Here, enchantments and magic converge to forge extraordinary weapons and artifacts, safeguarding Valoria against threats both abroad and within.

Lork Witch-Star, a master mage, alchemist, and enchanter, has dedicated years of service to the prestigious Opal Society, securing himself a comfortable life. However, he's acutely aware that even his talents won't protect him from the passage of time.

Zophia, a fallen angel from the revered city of Rose Haven, is abruptly cast out of her celestial duty after having a moment of self-realization. Seeking a new purpose and destiny, she arrives at the Witch-Star farm.

As Zophia and Lork's fates intertwine, they embark on a transformative adventure, one that will test their minds, bodies, and souls, while imparting new wisdom. Can they reach a mutual understanding before their destinies lead them toward uncharted horizons?

*Witch-Star takes place in the same world as Blackwood Milk Farm. This adventure is for adults, 18 and up.

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