book cover of Lewdmancy


(The first book in the Lewdmancy series)
A novel by

My name is Emma, mysterious witch of the Draymore Forest.

I used to have an almost normal life until my family decided to leave Wolford, sell the house and kick me out onto the road. I managed to make a home in the nearby forest, avoiding goblins, orcs and trolls while studying what little magic I could learn. It was a simple and unfulfilling life, but it was mine.

When a demon introduces me to an ancient and primal magic, how can I say no?

My life will change to one of adventure, secret trysts, lewd magic, running for my life, traveling the world, and a spark of a new destiny I never would have dreamed of in a thousand lifetimes.

Welcome to my tale of sensual adventure and dripping destiny.

*Lewdmancy is for mature adults. It contains frequent intimacy, wild encounters, monsters, hidden magic, body shifting, and grand adventure.

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