book cover of Blackwood Milk Farm

Blackwood Milk Farm

A Mist Valley Slice of Life Adventure
(The first book in the Blackwood Milk Farm series)
A novel by

Asher Blackwood always dreamed of being a famous adventurer, but reality has a way of shattering dreams. With dungeons filled with deadly perils, quests that barely pay enough to survive, and a lack of fame and fortune, Asher is ready to give up on his aspirations. However, fate has other plans. After inheriting a mysterious farmhouse and land from his deceased uncle, Asher finds himself in the enigmatic Mist Valley, where he encounters alluring women from various fantasy races who seek his aid.

As he unravels the secrets of the farm, Asher discovers that it holds more than just mundane crops and livestock. With mystical potions to craft and primal desires to satiate, Asher learns that his new life as a farmer may be more rewarding than he ever imagined. But as he becomes more deeply involved with the farm and its inhabitants, Asher realizes there is a dark side to the unusual inheritance.

Asher will have to navigate the treacherous and alluring world of Mist Valley in this thrilling tale of fantasy, slice of life, and desire.

*Blackwood Milk Farm is for mature readers. It includes mystery, intrigue, and unconventional relationships.

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