book cover of Wading with an Octopus

Wading with an Octopus

(The fourth book in the Beneath Aquatica's Waves series)
A Novella by

Over two weeks before, Detective Grisham Canton arrested the wrong guy - Solomon Lynch. It wasn't the first time it'd happened and probably wouldn't be the last. What made it stand out, however, was the stranger who'd been with Solomon. Grisham didn't know his name, but the memory of his lean, sexy body, wide dark eyes, and distinctive black and red hair invaded his dreams. Waking with a hard-on was quickly getting old. Grisham heads to World of Aquatica, hoping to discover the identity of the stranger. When Grisham meets Cuzco Judson, the attraction is even more intense than his dreams. After a hot night with the man, Grisham learns a few secrets that turn his life upside down. Cuzco is an octopus shifter and believes Grisham is his mate. As Grisham is drawn into Cuzco's world - where paranormals will do just about anything to keep their anonymity - will he be able to reconcile that the world isn't black and white, right and wrong, or will the desire to walk away be too much temptation?

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