book cover of Undercover Snake

Undercover Snake

(The fifth book in the Shifter's Regime series)
A Novella by

Prescott is bored, lonely, and even a little jealous. While he feels bad about that last one, he can’t do anything about it. Everyone in his flock have found their mates, and they’re so lovey-dovey Prescott wants to gag. It wouldn’t be so bad if he could go out and search for his own mate. Unfortunately, due to the unrest in the shifter community and his flock living with a councilman, the estate is on lock-down. Tired of it, Prescott sneaks out and heads to a new dance club. He intends to dance and get laid, but what he discovers is so much more.

When Nkosi Akintola follows Prescott into the men’s room, they realize they’re mates. As much as Nkosi wishes he could bond with Prescott that instant, he can’t. He’s a black mamba shifter on an undercover mission, and timing is critical. As a member of the rogue shifters trying to topple the Shifter Council, Nkosi knows his duty must come first, even before his mate. After giving Prescott the information Nkosi has gathered, he takes the wood duck shifter home.

When Nkosi returns from his mission an injured man, will Prescott forgive and accept him?

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