book cover of Two-Handed Clutch

Two-Handed Clutch

(Book 12 in the Carry Me series)
A novel by

After breaking his leg in a circus accident, an acrobat returns home to heal... and discovers he may have a reason to stay there.

After college, Montgomery Worshack—Monty—ran away from the life his parents had planned for him and became an elite circus performer. Working hard, he becomes a headliner, and he loves every second of it. When his trapeze breaks while he’s training for a new trick, his life is turned upside down. While he’s lying in the hospital with a fractured leg, his parents descend, trying to take over.

Fortunately, Monty’s friends arrive, too. With one being a doctor—Morgan Pruitt—they whisk him away from his interfering parents and take him home with them. Monty knows he has months of healing and therapy ahead of him before he can even think about training to find a new circus position. To alleviate the boredom, he accepts Morgan’s invitation to join him at the wedding of his friend’s son—Jake Lewis. While there, Monty finds his attention snagged by a very handsome police officer, Brian O’Reilly.

Considering how hot Brian finds Monty, he can’t help relaxing the injured man in the best possible of ways. After that, he doesn’t return the man’s call. Brian has been burned before. He has no desire to get involved with another man who’s sure to leave him for greener pastures. Except, when Brian learns that Monty’s father is making threats, he can’t stay away.

Can Brian guard his heart while helping secure Monty’s safety?

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