book cover of Taming the Enforcer\'s Flirt

Taming the Enforcer's Flirt

(The fourth book in the Paranormal's Love series)
A novel by

Cornelius Roister is a flirt, has been since coming out. He lives loud, proud, and for the moment. What only his best friend, Gustav Gus Hermance, knows is that it's a defense mechanism, an act, used to keep people from getting too close. People that are close can hurt you, and he's had enough pain to last him a lifetime.

When Cornelius visits Gus at his new home, he is ecstatic to discover his mate in Einan, a gargoyle enforcer. Until him and large-and-in-charge Einan have their first personality clash... and then their second. They just can't seem to carry on a conversation without disagreeing or arguing. Is Cornelius's mating doomed before it even gets started? Or can Cornelius and Einan find some common ground?

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