book cover of Stumbling Over His Love

Stumbling Over His Love

(Book 13 in the Shifter's Regime series)
A Novella by

Keeping the Peace: While escorting his king on a diplomatic mission, a dragon stumbles upon someone who threatens his commitment to his duty.

Vicar Rhomes has had the honor of being head honor guard to King Leortis—the dragon king—for several centuries. Escorting the king to Savannah to discuss a rogue dragon they’re tracking with the Shifter Council is normal procedure. Joining a couple of councilmen for a meal, Vicar fills his plate only to stumble over a pretty auburn-haired cutie... spilling his clam chowder all over the poor man. Mortified, Vicar snaps at the shifter. It’s only after the blushing beauty strips his shirt that Vicar gets a clean whiff of his heady scent and learns who the man is to him—his mate.

Getting doused in clam chowder isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to Desmond while working in the cafeteria. It’s the blistering put-down spouted by the huge, gorgeous black man that makes him blush. After whipping off his soiled shirt, Desmond assures the male that he’ll get him a fresh bowl... and is shocked when the guy does a one-eighty—nearly falling all over himself to apologize. Then Desmond smells the man, and he realizes the source of his sudden change. The guy is his mate... and he’s not just a dragon, but a powerful one. While Desmond wants his mate, he remains wary. He can’t help but wonder which personality is the dragon’s real one.

Can Vicar figure out how to continue to do his duty to his king while proving to Desmond that he’s not an unmitigated jerk?

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