book cover of Snaking the Tiger

Snaking the Tiger

(The seventh book in the Shifter's Regime series)
A Novella by

The last thing Sage Kanston wants to do is go to the Shifter Council Headquarters to help his older brother, Glade. He hadn’t been on good terms with him…ever. While growing up, Sage remembered Glade to be a bully, and that trait hadn’t changed when he’d been a pride enforcer. Sage doubted it had varied when he became a council enforcer, either. Still, he likes keeping his momma happy, so to the Council Headquarters he goes.

When the enforcer sent to escort Sage to Glade’s boss arrives—some guy named Mycroft—he’s hit with a scent he never expected. Germaine Messalla, the tall, slender, anaconda shifter, is his mate. His world is turned upside down because his pride always told him same-sex fated matings didn’t happen. To make matters even more confusing, Sage learns that a couple of councilmen are in fated gay pairings. So many things he’d been taught…just aren’t true.

As Sage comes to grips with the changes in his reality, allowing him to accept Germaine, he realizes others in his pride could benefit from what he’s learned. Except, there are those attempting to keep the changes on the council secret. Can Sage and Germaine uncover who’s still attempting to keep certain things under wraps so he can help his pride?

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