book cover of Scuba Diving with a Sea Dragon

Scuba Diving with a Sea Dragon

(Book 14 in the Beneath Aquatica's Waves series)
A Novella by

World of Aquatica: When a jaded Navy SEAL turns to a friend for aid, he meets a man who wants to show him that there are still wonders in the world.

When Britt O’Connor’s targeted by a group of mercenaries for reasons unknown, he realizes it’s time to cash in a big favor. Britt heads to World of Aquatica. He knows that’s where his ex-SEAL buddy, Price, has secretly holed up after Britt helped him flee the military police. Britt also knows that Price isn’t human, and he could use a little of the man’s paranormal abilities right about then.

Getting there is easy. Getting inside and locating Price is a bit more difficult. Still, Britt manages it, only to discover that Price isn’t the only paranormal thing at the park. Vampires and shifters are real. In fact, not only does Price vouch for him, but Britt meets Gerard, a shifter who claims he’s the other half of his soul.

When Gerard scents Britt as he’s on his way to meet with Alpha Kaiser, he immediately recognizes him as his mate and follows him. Discovering that Britt already knows about the paranormal, he declares that Britt is his mate, but Britt will need some convincing.

While Britt can accept being attracted to the shifter, after all the depravity Britt has seen, how can he trust in something as fickle as love?

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