book cover of The Screen Pass

The Screen Pass

(The seventh book in the Carry Me series)
A Novella by

Jake Lewis has been out and proud since high school, blessed with supportive and understanding - for the most part - family and friends. He's even managed to enjoy a few carnal experiences, but it's never been anything that's really flipped his switches. He craves a committed relationship like the one he sees his father and Vincent share. Starting his second year of college, Jake finds himself tired of having to keep his serial monogamist leanings on the down-low. He decides it's time to enjoy school activities other than football. Running across a broad-shouldered, cane-wielding, braid-sporting older black man, he realizes he's spotted someone who sets his picky libido on fire. He learns the guy's name is Devon Gateman, and much to his surprise, is the brother of his old coach. Jake had enough experience to recognize the heat filling Devon's gaze, so he eagerly accepts his invitation to dinner. Unfortunately, when word gets out that Devon is courting Jake, he encounters resistance from an unexpected source. Can the pair rise above objections and discover the kind of relationship Jake has always wanted?

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