book cover of Sailing with a Dolphin

Sailing with a Dolphin

(Book 16 in the Beneath Aquatica's Waves series)
A Novella by

World of Aquatica: After spotting something troubling on the job, a paramedic turns to the paranormal for help and gets more than he bargained for.

Peter Silverman found out about paranormals the prior year when one of his best friends—Waylon—bonded with a seahorse shifter. For the most part, he doesn’t think much of the fact that other beings exist right alongside humans as it doesn’t affect his job as a paramedic. That all changes when he begins running across injured people with holes in their necks. To Peter, they look suspiciously like a vampire’s bite.

Bringing his suspicions to Waylon’s shifter lover, Peter is introduced to Pisces, who’s supposed to be one of the shifter pod��s best trackers. The bottlenose dolphin shifter immediately claims that Peter is his mate. Peter knows that means he’s supposed to be the other half of Pisces’s soul, but he insists on a date.

The scent of a shifter on Peter has the unexpected repercussion of drawing the attention of the rogue vampire. Can Peter evade the rogue’s clutches while accepting a reality that has changed yet again?