book cover of Romancing the Foreman

Romancing the Foreman

(Book 40 in the Paranormal's Love series)
A Novella by

Into the Paranormal World: When a human ranch foreman hears a gargoyle claim him as his Fated mate, he isn’t certain even the paranormal can mend his trust button.

As a Native American, Stanley Redfeather has always believed there was more to the world than what the average person could see. Learning about gargoyles and other paranormals is almost anti-climactic. Doing his job working as the foreman of his boss’s massive cattle ranch continues as normal. Occasionally, having a bunch of gargoyles, vampires, and shifters around causes a little hiccup, especially when one of them finds their Fated mate, but for the most part, it’s business as usual.

That changes when a trio of gargoyles arrive for a meeting, and after one sniff, one of them—Kultrak—claims Stanley is his Fated mate. Stanley knows what that means. He’s supposed to be the other half of the gargoyle’s soul, bond with him, and build a centuries-long life with him. While Stanley wouldn’t mind having someone to share his solitary life with, he needs to know the gargoyle more than a day before trusting the male that they’re perfect for each other.

When Stanley gets injured, will Kultrak’s protectiveness in the face of the upcoming danger drive him away or draw him nearer?