book cover of The Realtor\'s Unexpected Find

The Realtor's Unexpected Find

(Book 29 in the Kontra's Menagerie series)
A Novella by

On the Road: When a realtor reviews a home before showing a prospective client, he finds something unexpected.

Bruin Rawlins is a musk ox shifter who enjoys his job as a realtor since it allows him to meet so many new people. That increases his opportunity to find his mate—the other half of his soul. Imagine his surprise when it’s not a client who turns out to be that special someone, but a beaten, battered human he finds in a home he’s checking out. Giving in to his shifter instincts to care for his mate, Bruin takes the man home and, with the help of his brother, treats his injuries. When the human wakes, he panics and runs. To Bruin’s embarrassment, it’s his mammy who manages to calm him, taking him to call his family and giving Bruin a chance to learn his mate’s name—Juan Ramirez. When Juan’s relations arrive, other people are with them. Bruin learns that Juan already knows about shifters. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean he’s ready to jump in and bond. Can Bruin earn Juan’s trust while keeping him safe from whoever had hurt him?