book cover of Piggyback


(The second book in the Carry Me series)
A Novella by

Trace Plinter is a player. He doesn't deny it. When his current lover decides to move on, he has no problem giving Patrick his blessing. After all, he'd been ready to do the same for over a month. When Trace rescues a cute farmer from a barn fire, he recognizes attraction in the man's sweet green eyes, but he doesn't have time to talk to Laramie and thinks he's missed his chance to explore a new lover - until Trace sees Laramie again at a diner and makes his move.

Laramie Goshen is just coming to terms with his uncle's death when the father who beat him and disowned him for being gay reenters his life - proclaiming that he owns half the pig farm his uncle left Laramie free and clear. When Laramie refuses to give in to his father's demands, problems start happening at the farm. Laramie finds his fantasies filled with the sexy firefighter who rescues him from the fire that burned his barn to the ground. But when that same firefighter makes his interest known, Laramie is at odds. The complication of a boyfriend is the last thing he needs.

They strike a bargain - sex with no strings attached. Trace loves the arrangement, but is unprepared for the protective feelings that surface when he learns that Laramie's father convinced the construction company to refuse Laramie's business, making it nearly impossible for him to rebuild his barn. If Trace decides to try to make their situation more permanent, will Laramie even be receptive?

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