book cover of A Paranormal\'s Love Bundle 1

A Paranormal's Love Bundle 1

(A book in the Paranormal's Love series)
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A Paranormal’s Love Bundle 1

Into the Paranormal World: For centuries a gargoyle chieftain’s clutch has remained stagnant, until a good deed to a wolf pack brings his people under the scrutiny of Fate…and a few other people.

Chieftain Maelgwn has been the leader of his gargoyle clutch for centuries. In all that time, few of his people have managed to find their fated mates. Without a human form until after bonding with their mate, it’s more difficult for his species of paranormal to meet and woo their special someone. After Maelgwn visits a wolf shifter pack to help a stray gargoyle learn their kind’s ways, Fate gives him the greatest gift possible. Maelgwn discovers his mate. With one mate found, more follow, but with the good comes the bad. Bringing in outsiders leads to the scrutiny of his estate by others. Leading his gargoyles through the dangerous waters created by paranormal hunters, Maelgwn and his people work hard to keep their new mates safe while aiding their friends in need.

Bundle Contains:
Trill to Me Sweetly Book 1
A Bite of Fulfillment Book 2
Changing Owen's Mind Book 3