book cover of A Nip of Good Cheer

A Nip of Good Cheer

(The first book in the Loving Nip series)
A Novella by

Daystrum Striplan, second in command of the Esson vampire coven, knows he's been distracted the past month or two. He just can't figure out what tugs at his mind... or rather... whom. Every night Daystrum's dreams are plagued by a slender male figure with striking blue eyes. When he wakes, his fangs ache with the need to sink them into the man's column of tanned flesh and taste his blood. Unfortunately, Daystrum can't remember where or when - hell, even if - he's met the man in his dreams. Then, the evening of the coven Christmas party, Daystrum scents the object of his obsession, Korbin Harris. He's not the only one who notices the human, though. Jaymes, the master of a visiting coven also expresses his interest, and that vampire doesn't have to beg forgiveness for forgetting their first meeting... a meeting that Korbin remembers. Can Daystrum earn the forgiveness and affection of his wayward beloved?

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