book cover of Needing a Vampire\'s Aggression

Needing a Vampire's Aggression

(Book 35 in the Wolves of Stone Ridge series)
A Novella by

Vampire Nikolai Kuznetsov enjoys his life of blood drinking and torture. The first he must do to continue living, and the second he does to keep his family safe. Plus, it gives him a chance to play with his knives. He loves his blades, wielding them with elegant precision. At his brothers' urgings, Nikolai attends poker night... just to do something that they deem as normal. Finding himself drawn to the blood of a mild-mannered, somewhat reclusive wolf shifter is the last thing Nikolai expects. Except, Parker Jones walks away without giving the slightest indication that he feels the same pull... other than his aroused scent, of course. Nikolai studies Parker, trying to figure out why the shifter would ignore the pull between them. He discovers the wolf shifter is still mourning his long deceased human lover. Tenderness and understanding aren't in Nikolai's nature. Can Nikolai find another way to connect with his beloved?

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