book cover of A Meerkat for the Agent

A Meerkat for the Agent

(Book 35 in the Kontra's Menagerie series)
A Novella by

On the Road: A CIA agent heads to the bayou to question a group of shifters, only to discover a gift from Fate he isn’t sure he can have.

Agent Rhone Craigson has known about shifters for nearly a decade. He also knows there’s a group of them currently hiding out in the remote bayous of Louisiana. When several missing persons reports come to Rhone’s attention, all from that area, his curiosity is piqued... along with a healthy dose of concern. For the safety of, well, everyone, shifters need to stay under the radar.

Rhone needs to know if the shifter group is involved in the disappearance of humans in that area. Due to the fact that there’s a mole in the CIA, feeding the military sensitive information, he decides to visit the shifters in person. When Rhone arrives, he finds the group surprisingly welcoming and forthcoming. Joining them for a meal, he spots a cute, dirty-blond-haired twink that causes an unexpected dose of attraction, who’s introduced as Mickey, a meerkat shifter.

When Mickey claims they’re mates, Rhone knows that means Mickey expects them to bond and live as a couple. While Rhone can admit that he wouldn’t mind getting to know the little shifter, so much is going on within the agency. Can he discover the mole to ensure Mickey’s safety, or is walking away the safer option?