book cover of Kort\'s Treasure

Kort's Treasure

(Book 13 in the Paranormal's Love series)
A Novella by

Kort is a gargoyle and known as the friendly playboy of the clutch, while nothing could be further from the truth. As much as he flirts with almost every available male that enters the gargoyle’s estate, he’s never taken any to his bed. Kort is waiting, just as he has been for over three hundred years. After watching a number of his buddies be blessed with their mates, he has faith that Fate will soon reveal his own other half.

When Kort smells something wonderful on the clothes of a fellow gargoyle’s mate, he is quick to question the human. He suspects the other man has been in contact with his mate. Learning that the owner of the scent, a human named Mace Capston, was just in the emergency room, Kort locates the human’s home and takes up a vigil. He waits impatiently for his opportunity to speak to the human. The first time he has a conversation with the injured man, however short and in the darkness, leaves Kort eager for more.

When Mace’s attacker returns, Kort whisks the cute human to safety…too bad his mate passes out from fear in the process. Can Kort convince Mace that the creature from the dark is not the real monster?

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