book cover of Hogtying the Bartender

Hogtying the Bartender

(The eighth book in the Carry Me series)
A novel by

Vance Weimer has been leading a quiet life for over a decade. Between his work as a foreman at a pig farm and dealing with his teenage son's monthly visits, he hasn't had time for anything else. That all changes when he attends a birthday bash for his boss at a gay club. Unable to resist bartender Jimmy Gibson's flirtatious advances, Vance gives in to temptation and slips into the back for a little fun. While he'd planned for it to be a one-time thing, he can't get the handsome man out of his mind. Vance starts a liaison with Jimmy, but due to the bigoted attitudes of his ex-wife and son, he keeps it discreet. A verbal faux pa in front of his family drives a wedge in his budding relationship. On top of that, another suitor - one open with his sexuality and charming to boot - makes his interest in Jimmy known. Can Vance come to terms with the changes he must make to fit Jimmy into his life, or will he allow life's demands to cause him to walk away from the first person to truly capture his heart?

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