book cover of The Gargoyle\'s Holiday Cheer

The Gargoyle's Holiday Cheer

(Book 18 in the Paranormal's Love series)
A novel by

Grigoris has spent over six hundred years alone. As a gargoyle who lives away from most of society this isn't surprising. Sure, he's had his clutch-mates and his work, but he's never truly had someone to share it with. When Aaden Hauser, a young black human sneaks into his garage, attempting to locate a friend and warn him of trouble, Grigoris instantly realizes the skittish male is his mate. While they enjoy a brief interlude, his human doesn't stick around. Grigoris uses a mutual friend to track him down and to learn more about him. In the process, he discovers something disturbing about the young male's family. Grigoris realizes, although he's the last person to rouse holiday cheer, his young mate needs it now more than ever. Can Grigoris figure out how to not only woo his wary human, but lift his spirits enough to accept that change can bring unexpected joy?