book cover of Frog Fugue Fundamentals

Frog Fugue Fundamentals

(Book 57 in the Wolves of Stone Ridge series)
A novel by

Out of the Cage: An estranged man heeds his brother’s call and finds his choice blessed by Fate, if he can connect with the altered human.

Anthony Holsteen hasn’t been in the same state as his brother, Dixon, in nearly a century. While they keep tabs on each other and talk a couple of times a year, they do better while far apart. All that changes when Dixon tells Anthony about the many problems his new wolf shifter pack is facing—government conspiracy, witches, humans being turned into shifters, and to top it off, a bigoted sheriff forced into retirement. While Anthony knows that living in close proximity to Dixon could create waves, he accepts the position of sheriff. After all, he would prefer to be in the know when it comes to those causing problems with paranormals.

Even though Dixon has warned Anthony that most of the wolf shifters in his new pack have found their fated mates, he doesn’t expect it to happen to him. He isn’t a wolf, after all. His kind are deadly and feared and rarely find their mates. The scent of one of the altered humans, however, is undeniable. Anthony realizes that Crew Kester is his mate. Except, Crew isn’t gay and is just coming to terms with being a shifter. The man runs.

Can Anthony put aside his dominant nature long enough to accept aid from a pack he doesn’t know so he can win the trust of a confused and wary Crew, not to mention his affection?

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